AliusDoc software automates the sorting, data capture, and indexing for ALL of your incoming documents.

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Advanced Data Capture Software

Document Imaging Software

Using AliusDoc SCI and SCI Mail to automate the sorting, data capture, and indexing of your incoming documents will save your organization large amounts of time and money. AliusDoc products offer unmatched accuracy and ease of use, which makes them easy to integrate into your current workflow.

Electronic Medical Forms

Electronic Medical Forms EOB ORC

AliusDoc MedClaims is a versatile, powerful medical forms processing solution for organizations of any size. Plus, our EOB module makes processing complicated explanation of benefits forms quick and painless. It can even validate captured data against your current billing system!

Tax Document Processing

W2 ORC Tax Document Processing

AliusDoc's tax document processing software will turn your incoming tax documents into a sorted, indexed datastream. AliusDoc W2 automatically captures and validates W2 data and AliusDoc SumsExpert dramatically decreases ICR/OCR errors on W2 tax forms and other financial documents.

AliusDoc provides your organization with:

  • Automated Data Capture Software
  • Advanced Data Capture Consulting
  • Supplementary Software and Services

Client Testimonial

"We were very pleased that the AD-MedClaims™ application provided an OCR capture alternative for the black-copy versions of both the CMS-1500 and UB-04 claim forms. The AliusDoc product design and unstructured approach to capture leads to higher than expected accuracy rates".

Joe Aiwazian
President - KEY Software Inc.

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